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Monday, April 28, 2008

Pleasurereaper of Slaanesh - Model Showcase and Datasheet

This was my project over this last winter break. My plan was to enter this into the Adeptus Arizona Holiday Painting Competition. Long story short, I was the only one who entered in this category, and I won by default. Dean, the owner of the site, was gracious enough to still offer me the prize for "winning" (the cost of the Baneblade), but I didn't feel right accepting.

Modelling this guy was a lot of fun... except for one step. Notice how smooth it is. That's because I scraped off all of the rivets. I spent more time on this one step than on any one other step. I think it took me a total of 5-6 hours to get them all off. Next Baneblade, the rivets stay on.

The "blastmasters" are simply the lascannon turrets plus the warp amp from the chaos vehicle accessory sprue plus some guitar string.

The sonic turret is a combination of plasticard, nylon washers, screen mesh, and more guitar cables.

The pipe organs and their housing is all made of plasticard. I simply took a series of tubes (like the internet) and drilled holes down the center, and then sliced them at an angle. The housing was a little more difficult, but I'm pleased with how it came out.

Painting was also a blast. I think I actually spent less time painting this guy than I did assembling and converting. The black areas are Vallejo German Grey. There is an intial hardline of Vallejo Dark Grey, and then a final extreme hardline of Vallejo Neutral Grey.

All of the pink areas were done with a basecoat of Warlock Purple. I then used various watered down layers of Tentacle Pink, with increasing amounts of Skull White to highlight.

Metal areas were painted with a watered down boltgun. Then I applied a Chaos Black Wash. I picked out the raised areas with Boltgun and then again with Mithril.

The gold areas, were made with Shining Gold, washed with 1:1 Chestnut Ink:Water. I then reapplied Shining Gold, and finally Mithril Silver.

It's yet to see a game, which I'd like to correct soon. Below is an Apocalypse Datasheet for the Pleasurereaper. I'd love some comments on the balance of the datasheet and the pricing. I overestimated the price compared to the Plaguereaper of Nurgle and other datasheets I've seen online.

You can view the PDF below, or you can download it here.

EDIT: I increased the points from 550 to 575 (note: it's now 125 points more expensive than the Plaguereaper).
I also cleaned up some of the special rules (Sensory Overload has a range now, Warp Cacophony applies only to enemy models, both as originally intended).
Also added a special rule, so that it cannot benefit from the Flank March Strategic Asset.
EDIT2.0: Made some other changes per feedback on the net. Price increased, and Warp Cacophony reduced in range and LD modifier.

Read this doc on Scribd: Pleasure Reaper

1 comment:

RonSaikowski said...

Very nice.
The absence of rivets gives it an uneasy feeling, it looks right but something feels wrong about it... perfect for Slaanesh.
I think your modeling is great, the turret and the organ appear seamless with the ret of the model in detail which makes for a really smooth blend (which can be tough when adding to such a well known model like a Baneblade).

I think the painting looks clean and crisp, I would have liked to have seen some more work with the pink/purple and it's interaction with the dark grey but that's just a personal choice. There's lots of flat surface area there and I would have been tempted to try something.

All in all, very nice looking. And kudos to you for adding the data sheet. While it may not be "perfect," it certainly is a welcome addition.

Current Progress on the Sons of Sek

Current Progress on the Sons of Sek
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