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Well the Sons of Sek got finished right under the wire. The GT was a blast and I'll have full coverage by this weekend. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Project: Lord of the Rings - Easterlings

On July 5th and 6th, Adeptus Arizona will be hosting the first ever Lord of the Rings Indy GT (click here for more info) at Imperial Outpost Games in Phoenix, AZ. I decided to do the Easterlings, as I've wanted to do them when they first came out while I was working for GW years and years ago.

So, I have my new project: Easterlings.

I need to paint the following:
  • 8 Spearmen (Done)
  • 16 Sword and Shield
  • 16 Bowmen
  • 1 Banner Bearer
  • 2 Captains on Foot
  • 1 Captain on Horse
  • 5 Kataphrakts
  • 1 Khamul the Easterling
I won't need everything for the GT, but I want to have various options painted as a develop tactics and strategies for running the Easterlings.

I forgot how quick painting Lord of the Rings models can be compared to 40k or Fantasy. I was able to paint these 8 spearmen fairly quickly.

I based them with the Fine Slate and Medium Slate from the GW's Urban basing kit, to give the impression of the Easterlings marching through the ruins of some city of Gondor. I always base my models before I prime them, so that the priming can help seal the material. I also paint the texture of the base, before I paint the model. I use watered down Codex Grey, then drybrush with Fortress Gray and finally Skull White. I use the straw from GW's Hero Basing Kit.

Painting Steps:

Base Coat
1. Painted the cloth with Scab Red (I could be messy at this step).
2. Painted armor with Shining Gold
3. Painted the square on the shield, the belt and the boots with Bestial Brown
4. Washed everything with 3:2 Flesh Wash:Water

1. Highlight with Red Gore
2. Final highlight with Red Gore/Bleached Bone

1. Drybrush with Shining Gold
2. Drybrush with Mithril Silver
3. Square on the shield is highlighted with Bestial Brown

Black Cloth / Spear Shaft
1. Touched up with Chaos Black
2. Highlight with Vallejo German Grey
3. Highlight with Vallejo Dark Grey

Spear Tip
1. Boltgun Metal
2. Chaos Black Wash
3. Highlight with Mithril Silver

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Current Progress on the Sons of Sek

Current Progress on the Sons of Sek
Sept. 5th, 2008 - They were finished literally at the table before the first round began.