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Well the Sons of Sek got finished right under the wire. The GT was a blast and I'll have full coverage by this weekend. 

Monday, June 9, 2008

Uruk-Hai Project Almost Done

Well, this project is nearing completion; above is a shot of all the models in the army. I've put in a lot of time since I started this last Wednesday (06/04), and I'm pretty sick and tired of Uruk-Hai. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow I have 6 more Uruk swordsmen planned, and then all that will be left are the five extra crossbow Uruks, once Anthony gets the missing pieces to me.

I've been at home painting furiously painitng. What have I been doing while painting? Well, watching a lot of television and DVD's. Here's what's been keeping me entertained.

  • Jericho (Season 1) - I just finished all 22 episodes yesterday, and I loved it. I can't wait to get my Season 2 DVD's in the mail
  • Freaks and Geeks - I'd been planning to watch this for some time, I highly recommend this critically acclaimed show
  • The Classic Romero Trilogy: Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead - I had never seen any of these originals. I was very impressed with the first two, Day was a disappointment
  • Dawn of the Dead (2007) - This was probably my 4th time watching this, what a great flick. I also re-watched all of the special features. There's a great news broadcast extra where the late Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin from Babylon 5) is the anchor, and Bruce Boxleitner provides the voice of the President.
  • American Me - Great movie, directed by and starring Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama from the new Battlestar Galactica). Really good movie about gangs in East L.A.
  • My Family, Mi Familia - This was also really good with Jimmy Smits and Edward James Olmos. It follows three generations of a Mexican-American family in East L.A. It reminded me a lot of stories of my family on my father's side.
  • 8 Films to Die For: Mulberry St. - This was one of the yearly Horrorfest Selections. It includes both Rat Zombies and Zombie Rats... yes, there is a distinction. In some ways I was really impressed. There was a lot of character development and it was very well presented. The movie fell apart when the Zombies showed up - not a good sign for a zombie movie.
  • 8 Films to Die For: The Deaths of Ian Stone - This was a great movie, I liked it a lot. It was kind of like a horror version of Quantum Leap. Well done, with great special effects.
  • This weeks episode of Battlestar Galactica - I watched this twice already (in fact I've watched every episode of the season at least twice so far). It's some of the best sci-fi on television ever, and it's one of the best dramas on television... period. This was a great episode. I'm both excited and sad for the ending. 11 episodes to go!
  • Today's Meet the Press - God, I love politics. This show comes on so ungodly early on Sunday's, good thing for Tivo. Great roundtable today discussing the wrap-up of the democratic campaign, and the outlook for the general election. It looks like this year is an open field, unlike the last 2 presidential elections, where it basically came down to one state.
I'm actually looking forward to going to my internship tomorrow, just to get out of the house.

I'll probably post some thoughts later this week on army painting - how to plan, how to stay motivated and stick the plan, and how to get the army finished. That's all for now.


Tim Kulinski said...

Stop complaining about painting a few uruk hai, I have 8 more left on my table for Mike G, once those are done, I would have painted 108 uruk-hai for the GT. (He dosn't know what he wants to take so he had me paint everything).


Sean Ramirez (dvdhwk) said...

Lol, well at least Anthony's more decisive.

Still, I think I probably got you on the number of Uruks painted. I was working at GW when the TT boxed set was released. So I've painted more than my share of Uruks and Rohirim!

Current Progress on the Sons of Sek

Current Progress on the Sons of Sek
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