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Well the Sons of Sek got finished right under the wire. The GT was a blast and I'll have full coverage by this weekend. 

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sons of Sek - Command Bodyguards & T-Shirt Has Arrived

Here are the extra bodyguard for my 4 command squads. These guys have been done for a while, just haven't put them up yet.

The standard bearers and the officers complete the command squads. I decided that it would make sense to give the bodyguard shields, which has no in-game benefit. But I think it really makes them stick out from the veterans (Part I | Part II), who are also based off the chaos warrior models.

The top squad is given red shields, which matches the red cape worn by the Heroic Senior Officer (Chief Sirdar Seram). The squad also contains a master vox. In order for it to be positioned that way, I had to cut off all of the speakers and aerials, and turn them around. I also added some guitar cabling to make a longer aerial, signifying that it is the "master" vox. The bodyguard are armed with lasguns.

The other squads have black shields which match the capes of the other officers. One of the squads is armed with lasguns (they're designed to be back up leadership support, and also possibly grab an objective in my backfield). The other 2 squads have meltas and plasmas. This was a late change in the list, I decided I wanted some more firepower, and took these extra special weapons at the expense of the Sharpshooters Doctrine on the infantry squads.


Admiral Drax said...

'Tis funny, but I've never been one for reading fantasy fiction, so I've always avoided Black Library fluff, but yeasterday I picked up Traitor General from the local library - it's not too bad at all - and now the Sons of Sek are really falling into place for me!

Y'know me: hate the foul chaos your models!

Nice work, as aye.

- Drax.

Anonymous said...

Those guys look sharp! And they only way the shirt could be better was if it was brown... just kidding. Seriously though, the Sons of Sek are really coming along nicely.

RonSaikowski said...

I can't say it enough, nice job.

I like the red shields the best. I think it's because they stand out a little more but I understand why the ohters are black.

jlong05 said...

What can I say Sean. These are really looking great. I checked your schedule and it looks like about 80 models left. Not to bad... You look to be in the home stretch now.

Also, the shirt is great! The red color really works with the imagery.

Somnicide said...

HA! I have no idea how you found our blog with the link over here, but yeah, I will DEFINITELY be finding you if we don't play. I am bringing all khorne, 2 bloodthirsters just to have quick games so I can wander and check everyone else out.

dvdhwk said...

Drax-Glad you like it. It's my 2nd favorite of the GG series. Necropolis being the first. If you finish TG and want more, skip the next book (His Last Command) and read Armour of Contempt. Or, if you're like me just read the whole series, and then re-read it!

SMIG-lol. Thanks.

Ron- Yeah, I like the red shields too. As soon as I saw them on the models, I was very much considering making the others red too. Oh well. Like you said, there's a reason.

Jlong- Updating the schedule now, down to 68!!!

dvdhwk said...

Somicide- You snuck your comment in while I was posting. Very sneaky.

Well, I have dark powers granted to me by the dark gods. One of them is called go'ogle. ;)

2 bloodthirsters, ack!!! That sounds gross. Well, blood for the blood god and all. Look forward to meeting you at the tourney.

Somnicide said...

Yeah, the two bloodthirsters are ok - they are actually about my only anti fast units/mech eldar counter. A (mostly)full khorne list has some glaring weaknesses but it can get the job done (or die horribly.)

Somnicide said...
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Ian said...

How do you represent these guys rules wise? Carapace Armor and Cybernetic Enhancement for Armor and Shields, or what? Anyway they look awfully nice.

dvdhwk said...

Ian - Ruleswise, they're just standard guardsmen. The shields are just for show. Glad you like them!

For the whole army my doctrines are:
Close Order Drill
Drop Troops
Special Weapons Squads
Iron Discipline

If at some point in the future, I'm pretty sure the entire armor could pass as having Carapace.

odie said...

Wow - these guys just get better and better. I'm a huge GG fan, so I'm naturally totally jealous that I didn't think of this idea myself.

Nice work.

Boss Salvage said...

Looking great man, and I have been watching that little graphic slowly fill itself in ;D

The t-shirt looks aces too, may just look into that site for future custom tee requirements ...

- Salvage

John Lambshead said...

Hi, I was directed to your site by techpriest. I have started a Sek and Blood Pact army - first piccy on

I like what you have done.


Current Progress on the Sons of Sek

Current Progress on the Sons of Sek
Sept. 5th, 2008 - They were finished literally at the table before the first round began.