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Well the Sons of Sek got finished right under the wire. The GT was a blast and I'll have full coverage by this weekend. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Las Vegas Grand Tournament Musings

Hello all, with the GT quickly approaching, I have some issues I've been mulling over, and could do with some input. I get pretty long-winded at times, so just hang in there with me. Here we go...

Tournament T-Shirt
So I decided I want to do a Sons of Sek T-Shirt for me to wear at the GT. I get all my custom shirts from, and have been pretty satisfied with them in the past. I think I've decided on the general layout. It will have the Sons of Sek 3rd, 1st Company banner (here's the model) on the front and the pic a Son of Sek on the back with the text: "For the magister / His voice drowns out all others."

I still have some final prep to do for the images, but I'm torn between which shirt color to get. Uh-oh, Warhammer fashion emergency! So I have a little poll on the right hand side, tell me which one looks better, the Maroon or the Brown shirt.

Concerns about the Painting Score
So last year at the Vegas GT I got a horrible paint score, truly horrible. I took an all Slaaneshi force that has won multiple best painted's locally. Now I'm well aware that what might win a local competition might not do as well nationally. However, last year there were two painting judges for 40k, one male and one female. Apparently the female judge consistently scored armies lower than the male judge. Now maybe she got all the crappy armies, and the male judge got all the amazing armies, but its also possible that she just scored lower. She judged mine and several other armies of people that I know, whose armies deserved a much higher score.

Part of the problem was the really subjective standards that they had last year, and the fact that they awarded conversions more than painting. With that in mind, I decided to do a highly converted army this year. However, they released their painting guidelines and established what I think is a fairly balanced objective set of criteria that proportionately rewards both painting and modeling.

Here's the point... Even with the more objective criteria I'm worried that my army will get judged by the "one judge" (whoever that may be) who judges harsher than the others. I think that with my display board (assuming I get it done) I should conservatively earn about 35/40 points. Let's be honest, this isn't the best army I've painted, I've had to cut corners left and right. However I pick up a lot of points in conversions. I'm just concerned that a judge might not give me the full points for conversions (being candid here, I really think that this army deserves them).

Okay, really, now here's the point: What if I were to place a binder next two my army. On the front it has a nice spiffy title and pics, and says something to the effect of: look inside to see the building and painting process of the Sons of Sek. Then i would basically have color print outs of all of the RFTL blog entries that deal with the SoS.

If you were a judge, what would you think? Would you think, cool, and probably get a deeper appreciation for all the work that went into this army? Or might you think, what a tool. This guy reeks of desperation? Or something in between?

Holes OR No Holes?
I've started thinking about the display board I'll be taking. Last year I made a really nice display board - it was the kind with the holes cut out for the models, so their base is level with board. That tray is sitting in my garage right now and will probably never get used again, since I will never use that exact army composition again. So how big of a difference do you think it will make if I didn't cut the holes out this time around?

Here's what I think-

  • Much less time to make a board without holes
  • Can be used for different permutations of the army, not just one list
  • May not look as good, subsequently I'll earn fewer points
  • May take longer to set up the army without holes
Anything else, pro or con you can think of? Depending on how my schedule goes, I may be scrambling at the last minute anyways, and probably won't have time for the holes. Any thoughts?

Sons of Sek Progress Tracker

If you haven't noticed, at the bottom of the blog I started posting a visual tracking device to show how much is left of the current project and what I'm currently working on. I'll update it as I go along. Here's where I'm at right now:

And finally... 1st Platoon!!!
I finished first platoon in its entirety earlier. I mentioned before that I wanted to pull them all out together at once as a kind of reward. I'm pretty satisfied with them, and am motivated to keep going. Also either today or tomorrow, I'll post some closer pics of the recently finished platoon command squad bodyguards.


Anonymous said...

For the binder idea...

I think that this is a good idea. If not for the judges benefit, then for the benefit of other hobbyists who might be there. If I saw a really nice army on display, I might like to know how it came to be. Might draw a new reader or two to the blog if you plugged it in there too. So, whether it impresses the judge or not, I like the idea.

For the display board I have two trains of thought...

If you do the holes; why not make some 'blanks', or bases with no mini on them to fill in when the hole is not in use? Of course, this might mean making extra unused holes to begin with. Or, do the board with no holes, but magnetize it. Find some way to know/remember where the magnets are. For instance; a magnet in the board every 1.5" everywhere... then just put the minis wherever you want 1.5" apart. Some rare earth magnets would hold the minis down even while in transport. Just my thoughts.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Having been the judge that grades armies the hardest - I don't think the binder will help much when in comes to scoring. In a big event like the GT, there just is not enough time to take in small details like a painting journal.

That said - the binder is still a cool idea. Lots of people may be interested how the army was built & it could help out with some other "soft scores".

jlong05 said...

Shirt: Dude, it’s the Sons of Sek. Red or a variation (Maroon) is the only way to go.

Binder: Personally, I think this is a great idea. I agree with the other replies in that it would probably get the most attention from other gamers who are interested in the process you took.
BTW; any judge who doesn't give max points for conversion should be sacrificed to the Chaos Gods for their ineptness.

Board: I say go with whatever is the most practical. I think the boards with holes are less usable in the future and that should be a major point of thought for your time. Ie, what can/can't you use later on. Go without the holes. ;)

Boss Salvage said...

Just tossing this out, I really like checking in and seeing your work schedule graphic updated. So much that I've made one for my 2000 point ogres and am gonna stick it on some blog of mine to keep myself motivated. I've got a tourny I want to go to Aug 30 and while I don't really intend to take the ogres (I've got skaven painted) it's a date to work toward.

I personally vote no holes no the display board, for re-usability and time mostly. Display boards are most useful IMO to get your army from table to table without returning to the case, with displaying your force and so getting a higher paint score as a second purpose. Holes or no gets them to the next battlefield ready to go just about the same.

- Salvage

Drunken Samurai said...

On the board - no holes. But you could create it in such a way as to use the terrain and the flock to help hide the figure bases. This is kind of the best of both approach. But it could be a pain and you are running out of time.

Sean Ramirez (dvdhwk) said...

Thanks everyone for the responses...
Well, it looks like the Maroon shirt is going to be the clear winner. So I just placed my order for the shirt. It should be here in a couple weeks.

On the subject of the board, it looks like "no holes" will have to be the way to go. I will also be magnetizing the board... speaking of which, time to make a visit to

Thanks for the input on the binder. I think what a couple of you said is probably pretty accurate. Won't necessarily help with the judges, but would be cool to have on hand for gamers. Plus it won't be too much work.

Again, thanks all.

Current Progress on the Sons of Sek

Current Progress on the Sons of Sek
Sept. 5th, 2008 - They were finished literally at the table before the first round began.